Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport based on kicking and punching, historically developed from karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Western boxing. Kickboxing is practiced for self-defense, general fitness, or as a contact sport. To the MMA practitioner, kickboxing is an essential part of any training regimen because it offers dynamic striking power, as well as a path to success (self-mastery).

In traditional kickboxing, the intense physical conditioning is considered a doorway into developing focus, dedication, honesty, confidence, respect and ultimately happiness.

Keeping the essence of this tradition, our Revolutionary kickboxing instruction trains the body, the mind and the heart; and provides both the advanced and amateur practitioner with what they need to achieve their fitness goals.


At Revolution you can expect:

  •  To participate in an intense and dynamic workout
  • To improve your conditioning, balance, coordination, and muscle tone
  • To execute strikes using the eight points of contact
  • To develop on effective technique
  • To acquire potent Kickboxing skills for self-defense
  • To use high quality striking pads and other state of the art safety equipment
  • To learn in a positive environment
  • To be challenged
  • To have Fun!


Join our Kickboxing class, now, and enjoy all the benefits associated with a healthy body; a sound mind; and a dedicated heart!

There’s no workout like a kickboxing workout. You will develop confidence in a variety of striking techniques while increasing your cardiovascular stamina.


If you’re just beginning your fitness or martial arts journey, kickboxing can kick start you on the path to your goals. If you’re looking to take your workout to the next level, kickboxing will take you where you want to go.

At Revolution Kickboxing, you will work with a variety of talented and experienced instructors in a supportive and safe environment. While learning extremely effective strikes using your entire body, you will also acquire efficient habits and skills that will enhance other areas of your life.

You can walk with confidence knowing that you are on a healthy life path that includes challenging exercise and surefire self-defense techniques.


Revolution will help you learn correct body mechanics to give you a beneficial workout and efficient methods of striking. There’s never a bad time to start to attain your goals.

With the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a Revolution Kickboxing class, you will feel empowered to take down any challenges in your life.

For those interested in competition, our world-class trainers will prepare you for kickboxing matches. Revolution will help you develop not only the techniques, conditioning, and strategy to succeed in the ring, but also the mental focus and sharpness of a warrior.

Whether you’re interested in competition or self-improvement, the skills and tools you get from Revolution Kickboxing will serve you well. Stop by Revolution and try one of our kickboxing workouts!