Phase 1 of Re-Opening – May 2020

Gym facility only. No classes.

Dear Members,

We are extremely excited to have our doors open and to reconnect with all of you! In order to ensure the safety of all members and to comply with the guidelines mandated by the B.C. Government, we have employed the following criteria for Phase 1 of our re-opening. Please ensure that you take the time to familiarize yourself with this outline.

  • All members will be required to enter through the front entrance and perform contactless check in (either by scan card or by speaking with the front desk so that they can manually sign you in.) The sign in sheet will no longer be available to sign in to the gym.
  • Each member will be asked a series of health questions in order to ensure that all members entering are not showing any signs of illness.
  • Please sanitize your hands at the front upon entry and at the exit before you leave.
  • We ask that you leave your gym bags in the car and only enter with essential belongings such as water bottle, towel and keys.
  • Members are asked to sanitize equipment BEFORE use and AFTER use by using our sanitizer bottles and paper towels provided around the gym.
  • Please do not wear rubber gloves into the gym, they are not sanitary and do not prevent spreading of bacteria.
  • Members are limited to a time limit of 1.5 hours during slow hours and a limit of 1 hour between the hours of 3:30-7:00 pm.
  • There will be a maximum capacity of 40 members at a time, so please adhere to the time limit in order to allow others to use the space.
  • A minimum of 2 meters is required between members. You will notice some machines will be blocked off in order to allow for spacing.
  • The water fountain and cups will no longer be available. Please make sure to provide your own water or be prepared to purchase one at the juice bar.
  • Change rooms will be closed and bathroom use is for emergency cases. Please use the bathroom before coming in to train and arrive dressed to train.
  • We ask that members plan for individual training only and do not plan to workout with others who are not within the same household.
  • Congregating will not be allowed, please plan to exit immediately after you are finished your workout.
  • Exit will be through the after school room